How It Works

SureScent Incidental Touch Technology™

Reed Pacific Media produces a range of scented advertising products. Reed Pacific Media uses Microencapsulation technology to deliver strong and accurate scents to create unique advertising campaigns.

Our microencapsulation technology is an advanced delivery system, involving a series of chemical reactions, of fragrance and actives. Reed Pacific Media’s microencapsulation is the placing of fragrance or actives inside polymer cells, 1-100 microns in size.

If you were to look at Microcapsules under a microscope, you would see millions of tiny shells encasing your fragrance or actives. These shells can burst upon physical contact or we can customize your project to suit your desired delivery or exposure conditions.

The outer wall protects the fragrance until desired time of release. The out wall thickness determines the type of application the microcapsules will be used for. The thicker the wall, the more force will be needed to release the active.

Once the microcapsule is broken then the fragrance or active leaks out and is effective.

Reed Pacific Media has pioneered the application of microencapsulation technology in many different applications and continual innovation has put Reed Pacific Media at the forefront of microencapsulation development.

How It Works