Image of Heston's Hot Cross Buns

Coles Supermarkets and UM Melbourne have partnered with Reed Pacific Media to deliver a scented newsprint advertisement for Easter, celebrating the launch of Heston Blumenthal’s new Lemon Myrtle flavoured Hot Cross Buns.

Recall Seeing the Ad


Interacted with the Ad - Rubbing and Smelling


Said the Ad Stood Out


Said it was Different to Anything Which They Had Seen Before


Said it was Fun


Said it Made Them Stop and Look


Over 1 in 3 People said they intended to purchase the product.

This is the first time that a Reed Pacific Media NewsScent campaign has been delivered nationwide, appearing concurrently across Fairfax, News Limited and West Australian Newspapers on Saturday, 15 March 2014, allowing the Australian people to simultaneously sample the aroma of the hot cross buns from Heston’s indigenous range for Coles, which uses ingredients made in Australia.

The unique fragrance, with distinct citrus top notes of Lemon Myrtle and undertones of cinnamon and spice, was custom developed by Reed Pacific Media to emulate the unique sensory experience of the product.

Reed Pacific Media is a specialist Scented Advertising Agency, using scent technologies to deliver strong fragrance across a variety of media. Leah Callon-Butler, Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said “advertisers are realising that the sense of smell is an extremely powerful and under-exploited tool for consumer engagement, adding a sensory dimension to traditional communication platforms and allowing brands to connect with their customers on a far deeper emotional level.”

An article about scented advertising appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on the same day.

The campaign is receiving much positive media coverage (as seen in Munbrella, Campaign Brief, and Marketing Magazine) including promotion on 2UE talkback radio.

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