Scented Packaging:
A Smart Communication Tool

A research has suggested that the average number of products in a typical grocery store is 35,372. Given the myriad of choices on the shelves, it is unsurprising that consumers might feel confused or even overwhelmed as they make purchase decisions. 

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For marketers, this means high competition. In order to stand out, brand owners must look beyond eye catching packaging and labels. Scented packaging distinguishes products and provides an additional channel to communicate with consumers on a deeper level.

One-third of purchase decision making is made solely on product packaging.

- The Paper Worker
First Impression

First impression counts. But today, it is no longer sufficient to attract consumers with visuals alone. Scented packaging integrates visual, tactile (touch) and olfactory (smell) stimuli to provide a multi-sensory shopping experience for consumers. This would help consumers make better informed choices as well as increasing brand loyalty at the same time. 


Smart packaging is an important marketing strategy to win at shelf. Scented packaging gives your products an edge over competitors’ as brand impact increases with the number of senses engaged during interaction. The intrinsic connection of scent with memory also enhances brand recall and recognition. 

Scented packaging today may involve microencapsulation technology, which can come in various forms and last longer. 

Benefits of Scented Packaging

81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see, over one they could only see!

-The New York Times

Brand Engagement

By incorporating scent into the packaging, brand interactions can go beyond fleeting attention and engage customers on a deeper level. This is because people remember 35% of what they smell, 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of what they touch. Scented packaging allow customers to interact with product or brand scent, thereby increasing brand recognition and recall.

Communicate Product Benefits

Due to the power of scent to trigger memories and evoke emotions on the subconscious level, incorporating scent into the packaging can subtly communicate product benefits. For instance, citrusy scents such as orange and lemon hint at freshness of produce, while the smell of leather may convey a product of premium quality. 

Scent and Flavour Sampling

Scent packaging smartly combines scent sampling with the product to allow customers to “try” before they purchase. This is especially important in product categories such as personal care and household care where fragrance is the primary purchase driver. 

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