Why print is still very much alive:

It is common to neglect traditional media platforms like print when you are eager to make an impression online. However, you should not neglect print.

Here are 5 cool ways that you can consider:

1. Celebrate Your Customers’ Birthdays

Samples don’t necessarily have to be given out in shopping malls at POS. Sending direct mails with samples attached is a surefire way to make your prospects feel warm in their hearts in this era of cold emails. There is no better time to greet them than on their birthdays for better customer retention.

Sending direct mails is a good example of why print can be more effective in engaging readers as it involves the sense of touch.

Physical cards can even include a scent to further engage readers in their sense of smell as studies have shown than you are 100 times more likely to remember something you smell than the things you see, hear or touch!

2. Easy Browsing

More than 55% of customers visit stores before buying online because they want to touch and feel the clothes they are buying!

When it comes to products such as clothes and furniture, fabric and texture matter. Instead of letting your customers scroll through long pages on your online store, why not consider a more interesting way to let them browse?

A cool way to do so is to use print catalogues that include samples of fabrics for them to touch. This will reduce customer friction by saving them the hassle to make a trip down to the physical store!

3. Better Understanding, Engagement & Recall

A study in Norway revealed that reading in print actually helped students achieved significantly better scores than those who studied the text on screen.

Another study by San Jose State University also concluded that screen-based reading engages readers less effectively as it is associated with more browsing and scanning rather than in-depth and concentrated reading.

With those results in mind, you might want to communicate your brand message in print first before inviting your customers to make their purchases online.

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4. Direct a Call to Action

One of the best ways to link print to digital is the use of QR codes. This is ideal because the trend is that mobile shopping is on the rise. QR codes motivate even the laziest consumers to act.

In addition, everyone loves discounts. No matter what you are selling, you can consider including online coupons or promotional codes on the flyers or brochures you are giving out. This is a real quick way to engage customers.

5. Multiple Touch Points

It is not advisable to go completely digital in your marketing efforts because print is still very much alive and powerful to influence consumers on their path to purchase.

“25% of all sales delivered by media, are driven by print advertising and that every €1 spent in print advertising returns up to €39 for the retail sector.”
IN&M Research, 2016

Print cuts through online clutter and serves as a reminder alongside online ads so that there are multiple platforms for you to communicate your brand messages.

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