Sampling Formats

Cosmetic & Fragrance

Custom created samples from a simple scented card, to elaborate gift packs.

Scented printed materials

Scented Print Technology

SureScent Incidental Touch Technology™

Our microencapsulation technology is an advanced delivery system, involving a series of chemical reactions, of fragrance and actives. Reed Pacific Media’s microencapsulation is the placing of fragrance or actives inside polymer cells, 1-100 microns in size.

If you were to look at Microcapsules under a microscope, you would see millions of tiny shells encasing your fragrance or actives. These shells can burst upon physical contact or we can customize your project to suit your desired delivery or exposure conditions.

Roller Ball Sample

Perfume Vials

Roller Ball & Spray Pen

Perfume Vials are a premium way to sample fragrance. These can be either glass or plastic as well as Roller Ball & Spray Pen.

Reed Pacific Media is one of the largest producers of perfume vials in Asia.
Please get in touch to find out more about this option.

Vial Mounted on card

Perfume Vial

Mounted on Card

Vial mounted on cards is a great way to share a premium fragrance sample. This gives customers a 2ml atomiser in either glass or plastic & allows for cost effective sampling in home.

Drive consumers to action with creative on the sleeves.


Packett / Sachet

Sachets are perfect for large scale distribution. They offer a variety of premium formats for use in direct mail, magazine & e-commerce distribution.

Further to this it can be easier used for:

Make Up
Home Care

Cosmetic Samples

Cosmetic Sampling

Cosmetic Sample Vials

Incentive your consumers to get online and purchase via exclusive sampling formats.

Premium glass vials for Skin Care, Cosmetics, Face Care & Lipstick.

Drive E-Commerce Channels through actual product trials.

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