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Here are the most common ones we get:

Can you create a fragrance for campaign?

Yes, RPM works with the most well-known fragrance houses in the business to provide you with the most accurate scent for your product. Lead-time to provide samples is one week and 2 to 3 weeks for full production of the scent.

Can you serve and deliver scented materials to overseas markets?

Yes! RPM supply scented advertising materials across multiple continents; we have a logistics department that can help you out. Currently, RPM is serving all over Asia, Australia-New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and South America.


Can I use my existing fragrance?

Of course! RPM works with top FMCG brands and uses the exact fragrance of their product. We can liaise with the fragrance house that manufactures your product scent and orders it on your behalf, or you can send us your product scent directly.

What format do I need to apply my fragrance on print materials?

We need to have an oil format of the fragrance to apply on print materials.

What is the technology used for scented print format?

Our SureScent incidental touch technology is a patented microencapsulation technology (learn more about it here).  As us for a free sample to smell for yourself.

How long does the scent last on printed materials?

The scent will last at between 6 and 12 months, as long as the fragrance hasn’t been activated, this also depends on the fragrance, it can last up to several years before use in some cases.

What is the lead-time to produce scented print materials?

The lead-time is 2 to 4 weeks from fragrance and artwork reception. The fragrance usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to be imported from overseas to your location.

Can you insert scented print materials into a magazine?

Yes! RPM works with major magazine publishers to facilitate the scented print materials implementation. We produce the scented print page or tip on, and supply the publisher for final scented insert.

Where do you produce your scented print materials?

All RPM scented print materials are manufactured locally in Sydney, Australia to ensure maximum quality control.

I want to run a scented direct mail campaign, how does it work?

For scented direct mail, RPM would produce the scented print materials with your fragrance or a fragrance created by RPM, and deliver to the third party responsible for distribution.

Out of Home

How do you integrate scent in cinema?

RPM works closely with Val Morgan to use special dispensers that will diffuse scent into the cinema theatre while your TV ad is on air.

How do you integrate scent in Out of Home (OOH) panels?

RPM works closely with the leading OOH providers to integrate scented technologies into their media panels. Check out some of our OOH work here.

How do scented domes work?

Each scented dome is made of glass and a large opening at the bottom. At the inside top of each dome contains special scented materials. These scented materials continually release scent into the dome, creating an enclosed ambient scent space within the dome. Check out more about how scented domes work here.

Point of Sale

Can you ship point of sale materials (POSM) overseas?

Yes! RPM supplies scented materials worldwide. In addition, we have an office in Singapore to serve certain markets more efficiently.

What types of POSM can be implemented in store?

RPM offers a range of different scented point of sale materials depending on the store requirement. Our POS solutions are customised as each market has different guidelines. Discover some of our POS solutions here.

Is the fragrance on POSM safe to interact with consumers?

Of course! Interacting with the fragrance on POSM will not cause any harm. We can provide SDS safety data sheet from the fragrance house upon request.

What is the lead-time to produce scented POSM?

Usually, the lead-time for POSM is 2 to 4 weeks from fragrance reception, depending on the type of POSM solution.

Can you install the scented POSM in store?

No, RPM does not provide this service.

Ambient Scent / Scent Branding

Do you create custom fragrances?

Yes! We work with worldwide leading fragrance houses to create a special scent based on your brief.

Can I use my existing fragrance?

If there is a particular fragrance you would like to use, we can certainly use it!

Can I adjust the intensity of the scent that is emitted?

Yes! Our dispensers have different set-ups available for you to select the most appropriate scent intensity for your space.

What is the lead-time to create a fragrance?

From the brief, the lead-time to create fragrance samples is about 8 to 10 days.

How much area can you cover with the fragrance?

We have solutions that can cover the area of a small office room, to a multi-level store, or hotel.

Can I change my scent if I don’t like it?

Yes! We want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your scent. If you want to change your scent along the way, we can go through the process again. However, fees may apply.

Is there any fee to book a consultation?

No! It is completely FREE to request a consultation and discuss exploring scent branding for your business as many times as you need.

Is it safe for people to be exposed to scent in my space?

Yes! Fragrance oil will not cause any harm and comes with SDS safety data sheet.

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