Tracking Your Print Campaign

As previously mentioned in our last blog, print edges out digital ads as more effective, engaging and consumers are more likely to purchase the product from a print ad. In fact, recent studies show that advertising with print, specifically newspapers, triples campaign effectiveness on average.

However, one the biggest advantages of digital ads is the easy ability to track them and measure ROI. By having this analysis, marketers can then make changes to further optimise the ads, proving their marketing dollars more cost effective.

But print ads can also be tracked. Here a couple ways you can track and measure a print campaign:

Coupon / QR codes

Include a unique coupon voucher or QR code on your print flyer or card to redirect consumers to a unique landing page or as a discount code for your product. Then, you can measure the number of times the code was redeemed digitally or how many sales were completed as a result of the print promo.

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Create a vanity URL

Similar to a coupon code which may take you to a specific webpage, a vanity URL is a landing page that directs visitors to a specific page on your site that you can track. You can create parameters on this page to specifically track consumers that came to this page from your print campaign. Use Google Analytics to measure the results as you would a digital campaign.

Learn more about how to create a vanity URL here.

Set up a unique point of contact

Create a unique email address or phone number only for the print campaign that consumers will use to contact your business. From there, you can track the number of people who contacted as a result of your print campaign.

Include a mail order form

Include a form that consumers can mail back to your business for a product purchase, subscription or other call to action.

Ask your customers

Ask your customers in person, over the phone, or with an email survey/questionnaire about how they heard about your business. Record their responses and how many of them discovered you from the print campaign. In addition, you can also offer a discount code or free gift with purchase as incentive for them to complete the survey.

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Direct mail campaigns

Check out our blog on How to Organise a Scented Direct Mail Campaign using Salmat Letterbox. Salmat processes extensive audits using GPS technology to make sure every one of your print ads are delivered. You can track these ads using one of the techniques above — try including a coupon code!


Print ads can also be tracked and measured just like digital ads in their own way. It is important to include a clear call to action for your print campaign based on your marketing goals. This is so that you can best measure the results separately from your digital efforts, analyse, optimise and repeat.

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