Scented Direct Mail Campaigns

Another great way to engage consumers using scent advertising is through direct mail campaign. In scented direct mail campaigns, scented print samples are sent directly to the consumer’s door. The scent sample is handed to them without having to leave the house!

In this blog, we will outline how to organise a successful scented direct mail campaign with Salmat, the top letterbox distributor in Australia.

Sunsilk Co-Creations scented card

About Salmat Letterbox

Salmat Letterbox reaches 17 million people across 7 million homes in Australia with samples twice a week. Salmat has a huge database and network of information on the Australian population. The database contains detailed information on people’s location, demographic, interests, incomes and more. Thus, Salmat has the ability to tailor your letterbox campaign and accurately target your audience on the first try. In 2017, Salmat successfully delivered over 87% of their audits.

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Example: Sunsilk apple-coconut shampoo scented card sample for direct mail campaign.

Benefits of a Scented Direct Mail Campaign

  • Adding scent helps your brand stand out from the rest of the print mail
  • Scent also makes a stronger impact on consumers as they physically engage with the product
  • With scent, you can add incentive to motivate consumers to take action by offering an coupon code, online voucher, in-store coupon, or unique URL page with the ad
  • And with this coupon code, you can measure the impact of your scented ad and track ROI

How to Create a Scented Direct Mail Campaign with Salmat

Salmat has great tools to help develop a scented direct mail campaign. Here’s how it works:

1. Define your scented print campaign.

What products are you looking to use scented print sampling for? Who is your target audience? Salmat can help you define your target audience and their locations based on their network and a range of different factors (income, interests, demographic, etc).

2. Create your scent sample with Reed Pacific Media.

Check out our Scent Print Sampling Solutionsand how we can infuse your product’s scent into a printed card using microencapsulation technology.

More Direct Sampling Formats Here.

3. Stock, Dispatch and Distribution.

Reed takes care of printing your scent print sample and Salmat takes care of distribution. Salmat also processes extensive audits using GPS technology to make sure every single one of your print samples gets delivered.

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