Tony Phillips, chief marketing officer at News Corp Australia, said in a statement: “The bold move demonstrates how newspapers could offer innovative and effective advertising solutions for marketers.

“It’s example of how newspapers stand out as a great sensory advertising medium, helping consumers cut through the clutter and deliver smart, relevant messages in a highly entertaining way,” Phillips said.

According to Phillips the scent of popcorn was specifically chosen to evoke a sense of nostalgia within parents and grandparents.

“The scent of popcorn is instantly recognisable and inherently memorable, as are the 15 movie classics we have chosen to offer with our newspapers.”


The Great Night – Popcorn 


News Corporation

What We Did

Nationwide Scented Newspapers

3.5 million Australians wake up to the smell of popcorn!

Doug McNamee, Business Manager Reed Pacific Media says, ‘We are excited to work and support News Corp to bring this campaign to life, scent in print is a key driver of emotion amongst consumers, and delivered cut through in advertising.’

The mammoth simultaneous scenting task took nearly 30 hours and involved 8 presses at six printing sites using 147.6 tonnes of paper, 3137 kg of ink, and 200 kg of popcorn scent. Once printed, the papers were packed onto 300 trucks and travelled a combined distance of 200,000 km to be distributed at over 30,000 retail outlets across Australia.