Perfume Vials

Sample your perfume or fragrance with this multi-use mini replica of the full-size product.

  • Technology: Atomizer Spray (EDT / EDP)
  • Fragrance Longevity: 10-20 Sprays (depending on size of vial) for Atomizer
  • Activation Method: Pump Action Spray, Dripper Top, or Roll-On Ball

Durable and portable, these perfume vials are perfect for enjoying fragrance. The ideal vial packaging mimics a full-size product, offering a similar, high-value fragrance experience. In addition, each mini 2ml bottle can be customised with either a spray atomiser or dripper top and can be filled with a range of different products. Mounted on a paper card, sampling premium fragrance in a magazine, direct mail or in-store has never been chicer.