Scented E-Commerce Card

Activate scents and engage consumers in your e-commerce channels by delivering a pleasing scent sample.

  • Technology: SureScent™
  • Fragrance Longevity: 3-5 Months of Until Activated
  • Activation Method: Touch to Smell

Putting together a neat package for a thoughtful unboxing experience is a great marketing tool to retain clients and make them happy. Create the best unboxing experience by including a scented e-commerce card inside the package. Scented e-commerce cards are a great way to both sample a product and make a more pleasant unboxing experience. Our scented e-commerce cards feature long-lasting scents applied with our patented SureScent technology on premium FSC certified paper. Fragrance on the card blooms upon touch as applied from our unique process of microencapsulation. Put a smile on your consumer’s face when they scratch and sniff this scented e-commerce card included in their box. Learn more about our Scent Print Sampling technology and solutions.