Scented Hang Sell

Hang a premium fragrance sample right in front of your product (and consumer’s faces) for trial at point of sale.

  • Technology: SureScent™
  • Fragrance Longevity: 3-5 Months or Until Activated
  • Activation Method: Touch to Smell


Emit a gentle fragrance right in front of the product on the shelf with a scented hang sell. Made from the highest quality FSC certified paper and scented applied via our patented microencapsulation technology, these scented hang sells provide the best in-store sampling experience. Hung from a cord like a hanging car air freshener, scented hang sells increases consumer engagement at the shelf through fragrance sampling. Easy to make, customise and distribute, scented hang sells are a perfect way to cost-effectively engage consumers at point of sale and convert them to your brand. Learn more about our Scent Print Sampling technology and solutions.