Scent Print Sampling
SureScent Incidental Touch Technology™

Our microencapsulation technology for scent print sampling is an advanced delivery system for scented marketing solutions, involving a series of chemical reactions, of fragrance and actives. Reed Pacific Media’s microencapsulation is the placing of fragrance or actives inside polymer cells, 1-100 microns in size.

If you were to look at Microcapsules under a microscope, you would see millions of tiny shells encasing your fragrance or actives. These shells can burst upon physical contact or we can customise your project to suit your desired delivery or exposure conditions for the best scent print sampling possible.

Scent Print Sampling Examples

Scented Magazine Inserts

SureScent scented magazine inserts, are used as:

  • free standing inserts
  • bound inserts
  • inline pages

Scented Newspaper

NewsScent is Reed Pacific Media’s cold-set web scented printing technology.

Scented Packaging

SureScent incidental touch scented packaging can be applied to al whole range of products via:

  • Printing directly onto primary packaging
  • Scented Stickers

Scented Cards

  • Scented Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Scented Cards Sampling

Point of Sale

  • Wobblers
  • Flyers
  • Tear-off Pads

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