Scented Packaging Technology

Innovative Product Design

Scented packaging technology is a growing area of marketing design and product development. The success or failure of a brand in the market comes down how effectively consumers are able to understand the product and its benefits.

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What is Scented Packaging Technology?

Scented packaging incorporates the best-scented material technology to add fragrance to the packaging of your product. We can add scent to paper and paper varieties, but also other materials like plastic and even metal.

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How to Implement Scented Packaging?
  • Printing scent directly onto primary packaging
  • Scented Stickers
  • Printed directly on label
What types of packaging can be scented?
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal
Whats the benefit of scented packaging?
  • 81% of Consumers would chose a product they can smell & touch over one they can only see.
  • 35% of consumer remember something which is smelt vs something which is only seen.
  • 70% of all purchasing decisions are made at shelf – make sure you have the complete attention of your customers.
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