Scented Point of Sale Solutions:
How to win at the shelf

Scented point of sale solutions: materials and strategy to win at shelf. Ideal for personal care, home care & fine fragrance.

In-Store Consumer Journey

As the grocery channels become more competitive and the consumers are more price conscious, marketers need to be able to cut through and maintain the brand loyalty which they have spent years and in most cases loads of money investing in. There is nothing more infuriating for marketers than creating a category trend just to have private label hijack it and undercut them. Here is where scented point of sale solutions come in.


Attract & Pre-Activation






Scented Point of Sale Solutions Strategy at the Shelf

10ft – Attract & Pre-Activation

This is both visually and sensory. This involves gondola end of location; leverage these assess for a scented disruption. Deploy high throw devices.


This stage is for when consumers are learning what your product is, the price, and whether they have a need for your product.

1ft – Sell

Selling to a pre-activated consumer is much easier than an undecided one. An undecided consumer is assaulted with all choices of competition.

Scented Point of Sale Solutions Examples

10ft Attract Options


Attract & Pre-Activate 10ft

  • Scented Gondola Display
  • Scented Store Entry
  • Scented Trolley Bay
  • Scented Off Location Bin


  • Scented Dome
  • Motion Sense Dispenser
  • Timer Based dispenser

5ft Engage Options


Engage 5ft

  • Scented Wobbler
  • Scented Shelf Strip
  • Scented hanger
  • PopScent
  • Push & Smell Scent Tester


  • SureScent Printed POSM
  • PopScent Push & Smell
  • PopScent Passive
  • Motion Sense Dispenser
  • Timer Based dispenser

1ft Sell


Sell 1ft

  • Scented Packaging
  • Scented Stickers
  • Scent Tray
  • Scent Tester (Passive)
  • Push & Smell Scent Tester


  • SureScent Printed POSM
  • PopScent Push & Smell
  • PopScent Passive

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