Creative Ways to Sample Fragrance at Point of Sale

Fragrance ads and samples tend to be very predictable. A picture of a female celebrity or model sensually clasping the perfume bottle. Department store employees spritzing you or handing you a scent doused card as you walk throughout the store. These marketing tactics are outdated and starting to show inefficacy. However, fragrance sampling in store with new and creative strategies can create better consumer experiences and reinvigorate sales.

Check out these top 3 cool fragrance point of sale examples to learn how fragrance can be sampled and experienced in a more creative way than handing out scented paper strips in store.

Dior x Labvert glass vial fragrance testers

Austrian design studio Labvert created these sleek glass funnel vials for Dior to test their fragrance. Replacing the normal paper cards used to sample perfume, these glass vials provide a chic sampling experience for the consumer. The object is shaped like a cylinder holding the liquid fragrance, with the top as a funnel shape where the scent can be smelt.

Each glass funnel only carries one scent that can only be sampled from the opening with a protective glass shield, thus preventing mixing. If a consumer wants to sample another scent, another glass vial is provided.

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Image Credit: Dezeen


Image Credit: Chute Gerdeman

Armani Privé glass bell jars

Armani Privé’s Haute Couture Fragrance line consists of 15 exotic scents displayed in a unique way in store. Each premium fragrance is contained underneath upside down glass bell jars along the display. To sample, lift the bell jar and sniff. The scent will gently waft out of the jar.

Moreover, since each of the Haute Couture Fragrances are single notes, like Arabic Rose or Iris Celadon, sampling multiple at once for a unique scent combination is easy. Sample two fragrances at one by lifting two bell jars to your nose.

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Labbrand’s Fragrance Bar in Sephora

Labbrand has created a whole new in-store digital and fragrance experience at Sephora. The Fragrance Bar contains samples of 60 perfumes and has been featured in Sephora’s flagship store in Shanghai.

The Fragrance Bar is made up of six stations, each with equipped with ten different perfume diffusers and an iPad for reference. The iPad has two different apps on it. One app is for Memorable Scents — this allows consumers to interact with each scent, maximizing customer engagement. The other app, “Key Life Occasions”, allows consumers to find their perfect scent for a specific occasion (dates, work, nightlife, everyday, gifting, etc). Moreover, consumers can learn about each scent on the apps and even send and share that information on social media or via email.

Finally, each scent on the apps are connected to a diffuser, thus you can sample the scent directly on the spot via the funnel and air pump.

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Image Credit: Labbrand

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