In this blog, we have come up with the top 3 scented point of solution examples for you to draw inspiration for your next scented marketing campaign.

As the supermarket channels become more competitive and consumers become more price conscious, creative marketing and maintaining brand loyalty is key. Scented point of sale materials can help with attracting customers browsing through aisles towards your product and encouraging consumer engagement at the shelf.

Why Use Point of Sale Materials?

Encouraging brand engagement is the most valuable aspect of scented point of sale materials, because it differentiates your brand from others, luring consumers to interact with your brand when they otherwise wouldn’t have initially considered it. It is key to focus on the opportunity it represents to capture an audience who would pass through your product. Consumers don’t spend the time to open and smell every product to decide which one to purchase. Not only do you want your product to be a contender for purchase, but you also want to physically stand out. The best way to do this is to provide consumers with a quality brand interaction while driving consumer purchases.

Scented point of sale materials are important to convert consumers who are on the fence about a brand purchase and need an extra push. In addition, consumers who pre-decided to purchase from a brand, but are now invited to discover a different brand from the scented samples.

Let’s look at three scented point of sale solution examples and analyse how they convert consumers from browsers to buyers.

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For our Nivea clients, we created two “pull and smell” PopScents containing the fragrances of their men’s and women’s deodorants. Our “pull and smell” PopScents are attached to the shelf, but feature an elastic cord to better able to smell the fragrance up close. The fragrance gently releases from the PopScent container from slits in the canister, giving consumers a nice fragrance sample of the Nivea deodorant.

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Nivea popscent pull and smell tray
Nivea popscent pull and smell tray


To advertise Tresemme’s new Botanique coconut shampoo, we used PopScent technology but to create an ambient scent space using a WW hot spot. Instead of having to engage with the PopScent to sample the fragrance, the PopScent creates a light ambient scent when one approaches the shelf. The scented material was embedded into the coconut visual advertisement as a creative design to show to the smell of coconut just oozing out!



For Airwick, to engage consumers in a larger space than just at the product shelf in a grocery store aisle, we took our usual out-of-home experiential scented domes into the store. We created an Airwick space, appropriately named “Step into the future of home fragrances” with the major feature being our futuristic-looking scented dome. In addition, various Airwick products on shelf surrounded the dome for consumers to pick up while being under the dome, experiencing the scent.

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