All About Scented Print

Many of our FAQs are about scented print and our scent print technology. “Why use scented print paper advertisement when I can just use a digital ad?” “In what ways can I use scented print to advertise?” We address these questions in this blog on how and why you should use scented print for your next advertising campaign.

Benefits of Scented Print — Why Use It?

Touch & Smell

In our blog on Print Still Wins Versus Digital Advertising, we talk about the benefits of print ads and why print still holds several advantages over digital media as a better way to connect with consumers. We learned that the physicality and tangibility of print ads engaged consumers better and longer by stimulating the senses. When adding scent to print, more senses are stimulated. This leaves an even better impression on the consumer through touch and smell. By asking consumers to take action, they interact with your brand and product message, boosting overall consumer experience that does not exist with fast consuming digital ads.

Longer Lasting Impression

Because print ads are tangible, they can be kept and experienced multiple times. Digital ads are usually only consumed once and very quickly on the screen. Scented print technology keeps the fragrance over a year on paper, allowing you to experience it again and again. Moreover, scent and print are very personal and emotional due to their touch and smell nature. As a result of scented print eliciting stronger emotional responses, information is better retained in memory and leaves a longer lasting impression. Smelling the scent more than once over a long period of time reinforces this notion. Finally, our brains associate memory with value and desire, leading to more intent on purchasing.

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Sampling & Captivation

Scented print gives consumers a sample of an important part of the product. In the case of personal and homecare, fragrance is one of the most critical parts of the product. Thus, consumers are more inclined to try and buy a product if they can smell it. By using scented print to sample your product, your brand stands out from the rest.

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Ways to Use Scented Print — How To Use It?

Surf with Essential Oils scented card
Tresemme scented magazine advertisement – full page


There are many ways and benefits to use scented print for your next marketing campaign. Scented print is a very versatile and creative medium to market your product in different ways depending on your objectives.

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