Scented Advertising has changed how people shop

‘81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see, over one they could only see!’ – New York Times 

Why Scented Media?

Percentage of consumers who are likely to purchase a product if they can smell it.


Emotions Triggered by Smell


Percentage of information retained by people via scent


Percentage of purchasing decisions made subconsciously

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Appealing to consumers' senses creates an emotional brand connection.

Reed Pacific Media is a leading scented advertising agency, leading the process from campaign design, strategy and execution, delivering return on investment through integrated sensory path to purchase campaigns. 

Marketing to people’s sense of smell and emotions drives brand and product loyalty.

  • 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconciously (Martin Linstrom)
  • Create an Emotional Connection with consumers
  • 64% of scented advertising engagement (GFK 2011)
  • 19% lift in ad stopping power (GFK 2011)
  • Drive action from consumers via scent and flavour sampling

What We do



Developing path-to-purchase campaigns, designed to pre-activate and re-activate consumers to fragrances and flavours of products.


Produced to the highest global standards using Reed Pacific Media’s patented micoencapsulated SureScent™ technology. With end to end capabilities you can roll out scented campaigns in any market globally.


Our campaigns are designed at driving sales through product trial, re-purchases and product loyalty, through creating a complete consumer journey based around the beautiful fragrances and flavours of your product.

How does it work?

Reed Pacific Media can deliver scented advertising across all traditional and new media channels. 

See how others have been using our technology!

See how market leading brands have been using scent to drive sales.

Case StudiesCase Studies
Image of Airwick scented marketing activation

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Point Of Sale


  • Scented Wobblers
  • Scented Shelf Trays
  • Ambient Scent
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Traditional Media


  • News Print
  • Magazine Inserts
  • Cinema
  • Out Of Home (Outdoor)
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  • In Mall
  • Product Sampling
  • Off Location Sampling
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