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We're a Scented Shopper Marketing Agency. Delivering beautiful scented print, point of sale and scented activations for brands all over the world.

Creative Scented Solutions for Every Business

Reed Pacific Media provides a variety of scented advertising solutions across all traditional and new media channels.


Scent Branding, Scent / Aroma Marketing & Ambient Scent

Scent, scent diffusion technology and custom fragrance design.

Scent Print Sampling

Using our patented SureScent Incidental Touch Technology™ with fragrance microencapsulation for print sampling.

Scented Point of Sale Solutions

Scented materials used to attract consumers from 10 feet away to point of purchase at the shelf.

Scented Out of Home

Outdoor technologies such as scented media panels, scented domes and other experiential.

Scented Packaging Technology

Using our SureScent technology on packaging.

Digital Scent Sampling

Using digital scenting to activate consumers across technology channels.

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Why Use Scented Advertising?

Scented advertising increases consumer attention, product sampling and interactions, perceptions of product quality and overall brand loyalty.

Purchase Intent Value

of consumers are likely to purchase a product if they can smell it.


of information is retained in memory when the message communicated via scent.

Purchasing Decisions

of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.

Martin Lindstrom

Some of our thoughts.

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